VIXX’s Ravi And HOTSHOT’s Ha Sungwoon Are Working On A Collab Single Together

The BFFs are reportedly making music together:

VIXX‘s Ravi and HOTSHOT‘s Ha Sungwoon are making some brand new music together and we’ll be able to hear it soon!

Image: @gooreumseng/Instagram

Korean media outlet JoyNews24 recently reported that the two longtime friends and proud members of the “Padding Squad” friendship group had joined forces to release a new single together this July.

Although there isn’t much known about their collab, they’ve reportedly already finished recording the song and are in the final stages of production. Additionally, through Naver Now‘s Question Mark with Ravi, the two friends mentioned a collab further hinted about a possible MV as well.

Image: @kr_now/Twitter

This collab has been gaining a lot of attention not only because this project is not an official project but rather something Ravi and Sungwoon had wanted to do as friends but also because both of them are very talented musicians.

Are you excited about a collab between these two BFFs?

Source: JoyNews24