VIXX Ravi’s photobombs cause him to become a viral meme

VIXX‘s Ravi has been spotted in other people’s photos so much that fans have started making a meme out of him.

A common way to interact with K-pop idols is at fan meets and sometimes even concerts, but Ravi goes beyond that and uses social media to interact further with his fans. The idol actively responds to fans on his Twitter account, and truly maintains a close relationship with them.

A fan noticed that Ravi seemed to be in the background of many pictures. This fan tweeted a series these photos to Ravi with the caption“Oppa, I’m asking this because I’m really curious… Where are you planning on getting captured next time…??”  He humorously responded, “I want to stay uncaptured.”

Fans started making memes of Ravi and even if he didn’t directly talk to them, he still acknowledged them. He even posted some memes that they created to his account.

Ravi jokingly posted another screenshot of a meme created by fans with the caption “Don’t photoshop me.” He then went on to post another screenshot of a collection of memes of him and humorously told fans, “Don’t join forces. Don’t make me an ideal type.”

Besides his responses to the memes, Ravi tends to respond to other tweets from fans as well. The idol and his fans actively interact with each other, which only helps to make his fans love him even more.