VIXX slapped each others legs to see who could make the most noise [video]

VIXX played a hilarious game while filming a live stream that involved slapping each other’s legs to see who could make the loudest noise.

On a broadcast of Amigo TV, the members of VIXX enjoyed playing various games with each other. One game stood out from the others, however, due to its mildly violent nature and all around hilarity.

The game involved the members slapping each other in the leg and measuring the sound with a decibel meter to see who could make the loudest sound.

In the stream, Hyuk started first and slapped Ravi directly on the thigh, producing a sound that measured at 102.8 decibels.

They later switched places and Ravi slapped Hyuk, which produced a sound that was almost as loud and measured at 95.4 decibels.

Check out the video below! Scroll to about 2:24 to see (and hear) their leg slapping game!