VIXX’s N Defies Korean Beauty Standards and Is Finally Accepting His Dark Complexion

VIXX‘s N revealed in Lipstick Prince that he is happy with his darker complexion and that he has changed his makeup to match it.

In a recent episode of OnStyle‘s Lipstick Prince season 2, VIXX’s N and BTOB‘s Eunkwang shared what beauty concerns they had on the show’s live stream platform, TVING Live.

Korean beauty standards are slowly changing to become more accepting of a variety of looks, but one standard that seems to be holding strong is the desirability of fair skin. In this special segment of Lipstick Prince, however, N revealed that in spite of the pressure from traditional Korean beauty standards, he is becoming more comfortable in his own skin. He used to feel that his dark complexion made him look dull but, nowadays, he has grown to love his skin and has realized that his skin tone is unique and becoming more favorable among Koreans.

N: My beauty concern was… To be honest, from a long time ago, I was concerned about how my darker skin could often make me look more dull, but nowadays, I’m more concerned about how to match my makeup to my skin tone. These days I’ve been thinking that dark skin is more attractive, so I’m trying to match my makeup to it.

Eunkwang: That’s right, because a lot of people are tanning a lot these days. It’s a skin tone that not everyone can have, even if they really wanted it.

N: Yeah, I’ve been really happy these days.

Fans expressed how glad they were to hear N saying he is now comfortable and happy in his own skin, and hope he will always be this confident in himself.

Watch the whole episode here: