This Vlogger Tried To Eat a Live Octopus, It Ended Up Latching Onto Her Skin

Don’t try to eat live octopi, kids.

This Chinese Vlogger, popularly known as seaside girl Little Seven live-streamed a video of her eating a live octopus onto the Chinese live streaming platform Kuaishou.

She originally appeared unfazed when she starting eating the octopus, but soon freaked out when she realized that the octopus was sucking hard on her skin. She proceeds to tug at the octopus at an attempt of getting it to let go of her.

She tried to rip the octopus away from her, screaming about how painful it is and how she couldn’t remove it.

When she finally got it away from her face, she noticed how it had left a small wound on her cheek. She claimed that her face is disfigured.

She says she will still eat the octopus in her next video, however.

The girl has numerous videos of her eating seafood, as well as a clip of her playing with a live octopus on the beach. The vlogger used to talk about how she’s never gained popularity, but that’s different now. After the video went viral, she became a trending topic on Weibo.

If you ever thought about or are currently thinking about doing something similar, don’t. It is highly dangerous and may result in injuries similar or even worse than this girls.

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