Vocal Trainers Reveal The Truth Behind Idols’ “Shaky” Live Vocals

“And, you call that ‘bad singing?’ I’ll cut your fingers.” – Vocal Trainer

In the latest segment of AYO‘s Comment Defenders, Lee Gyeol and Kim Young Min used over ten years of their experience as idol vocal trainers to give an inside look into what it takes to be an idol singer.

While covering many of the topics everyone wanted to know, they revealed why idols’ vocals sometimes aren’t as powerful or sharp as they could be during live performances.

A commenter brought up how much skill it took to dance and sing at the same time, “Live performance while dancing is really difficult. You need to practice to vocalize since you have shorter breath.

Lee Gyeol was quick to agree by noting how muscles could be overworked, “Who can sing so well while running around? Vocal cords are also muscles.

If an idol dances and sings at the same time, they’re using so many muscles that it wouldn’t be possible for every one to work their best. “When we run, it can be relaxed since it’s a muscle, and it wouldn’t have power. You’re shaking your body, and your vocal cords are not shaky? Doesn’t make sense.

He also addressed how many people use those shaky vocals as a way to critique someone’s singing ability. Making himself and Kim Young Min laugh, he joked, “And, you call that ‘bad singing?’ I’ll cut your fingers.

Kim Young Min went into detail by noting that an idol’s singing changes based on the choreography’s difficulty, also taking into account the members and their parts.

“Singing style could be different depending on the choreography… ‘Breathe like this when you do this move.’ ‘Vocalize stronger when it’s like this.’ You make every effort on this part, then die.”

— Kim Young Min

All jokes aside, the vocal trainers wanted everyone to be less critical of idols’ brief live performances. Lee Gyeol offered, “Please be generous to your idols. Your idols are precious,” while Kim Young Min noted, “That…three minutes you see is not everything.

Although idols make performing look easy, it’s far from it. Watch these vocal trainers explain why those shaky live vocals aren’t a way to critique an idol’s singing and are only a moment in time.

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