VOGUE Just Named This K-Pop Group One Of The World’s Best Dressed Bands

WINNER’s Mino and Hoony left a lasting impression after showing up for Burberry’s show wearing the latest fashion choices from the brand itself.

“Bandmates Mino and Seunghoon arrived at this afternoon’s show wearing pieces taken directly from Burberry’s Spring 2018 collection and caused an immediate sensation…

Needless to say, the pair made an impression with the paparazzi and scores of fans, who were waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Korean stars.”


Sitting front and center at one of Burberry’s shows is not the easiest thing to do but the duo did just that during London’s fashion week.

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Leaving Burberry aside for a second, VOGUE takes a moment to praise Mino and Seunghoon’s other clothing choices and their ability to fit the pieces together perfectly.

“While both Mino and Seunghoon looked smashing at Burberry, their style appreciation isn’t limited to one brand.

They’re used to taking the kind of risks associated with chart-topping pop stars:

From Mino’s love of eclectic pieces from streetwear brands like Supreme to Seunghoon’s closet full of Balenciaga collector’s items, the duo never holds back when it comes to fashion.”


The two WINNER members got early access to Burberry’s Spring 2018 collection and wore them like they were made to do it.

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To end it with a bang, VOGUE even gave high praises to WINNER as a whole that left no room for doubts about the group’s trendiness.

“Together with fellow members Kim Jinwoo and Kang Seungyoon, they make up one of the best-dressed bands in the world.”


Source: VOGUE