Vogue Names BTS “Best Dressed” At The Billboard Music Awards

After seeing BTS at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Vogue Magazine named the group the Best Dressed Boy Band at the show. 

BTS stepped out onto the Magenta Carpet in black suits, with each member modifying the look slightly to match his unique personality.

And while Vogue praised the entire group for dressing smart, they specifically chose V as the fashion star among the boys.

“Perhaps the most fashion-forward dresser was V, who paired a cropped pinstripe jacket and polka dot dress shirt with loose-fit pants—a bold choice that he pulled off with ease.”

– Vogue Magazine

“Each look played off the other, yet stood on its own ground—a pitch-perfect red carpet debut.”

– Vouge Magazine

For their first time at a major US awards show, BTS really stole the show with their stellar fashion choice.

Source: Vogue