A Male Idol Kicks Off The New Year By Stepping On A Lost Boob

For his fans, this was just another add on to his unintentionally funny moments.

As part of on-stage performances, idols will often wear elaborate stage costumes with multiple parts that don’t always stay off. This is not unexpected as even things like hair extensions will somehow end up coming off.

Recently, a male idol went viral for his reaction to stepping on something that was lost on stage!

Wang Yibo, who got his start in the K-Pop group UNIQ, is now active as a multifaced entertainer in China, seeing a huge growth in popularity after acting in the period drama series The Untamed. 

Wang Yibo | Weibo

Because of his star status, the idol is often a performer at events, including those celebrating the end of the year.

On December 31, Yibo performed at the Hunan TV NYE Gala 2024 party. His performance during the event caught attention…

…but something that happened during rehearsal caused the idol to go viral!

While rehearsing his song “Bystander,” Yibo walks around the stage before bending to remove something from his shoe, which he tossed aside.

Netizens were puzzled over what the item could be til a closer look pointed out that the item was likely a silicone bra pad probably accidentally dropped by a previous performer.

| Amazon

Many were amused by the oddness of the situation, especially Yibo’s reaction to finding it on his shoe. On Weibo, tags related to the incident trended,    including “WANG YIBO PEELED OFF BRA PAD.”

For the idol’s fans, this is just another of his accidentally hilarious moments!

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