WANNA ONE Dude With Produce 101 Girl

Photos of the pair have been spreading online.

These adorable photos of WANNA ONE’s Ha Sungwoon and Kim Sohee from Produce 101 Season 1 have been spreading around online communities lately. It turns out the two got close while auditioning for JYP entertainment in high school.

I cheered for him to make it, and he ended up being the last member. When I saw it, I cried a lot. I think I cheered so hard for him because we worked on something in the past.”  

Kim Sohee

Sohee and Sungwoon even had similar stories when it came to their time with Produce 101. Both of them made it to the final pick as they stood at the podium in the last moments of the show. Sungwoon was announced as the 11th pick and became the last member of WANNA ONE.

Kim Sohee, on the other hand, just missed the cut as she came in 15th place and failed to make it into I.O.I. Through her perseverance, however, she ended up officially debuting as a solo artist in November 2017.

It looks like the stories of these two best friends are just beginning—maybe we’ll see more interaction from them in the future!

Source: The Qoo