Wanna One Fans Are Touched By Heize’s Secret Message Hidden In Her Earrings

Hint: It’s incredibly sweet!

Heize has gotten to know Wanna One through her time on Wanna One Go: X-CON and it’s had a major impact on her. Not only has she gotten to know the group, but she also has been able to understand the fans and their sadness that this group only has a limited time together.


A few days ago, Ong Seongwoo, Lee Daehwi, and Heize formed a unit and performed a song called “Hourglass” to signify this limited time. During the performance, Heize sang the part that speaks on behalf of Wannables and her heart went out to all the fans.

She even broke down crying during rehearsals!


Heize’s performance isn’t the only time that she has shown a strong connection with Wanna One and their fans. A photo of Heize has been making the rounds on various online communities because it contains a hidden and heartfelt message to fans.


In the photo, she is wearing a clock-shaped earring. While this may seem insignificant, the time the clock displays isn’t. It’s stopped at 8:07 which corresponds to the day Wanna One debuted!

They group made their debut on August 7, 2017!


Besides the hidden message, Heize posted a similarly themed photo to her Instagram.

The clock is stopped at 8:07 and it’s set next to an hourglass to show her love for the boys.


Her amazing performance coupled with the sweet pictures have combined to create a very touching sentiment for Wannables, one that they aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

Source: Insight

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