Wanna One Under Fire For Allegedly Plagiarizing BTS Choreography, Fans furious

Wanna One’s new single is receiving a lot of buzz for the close similarities in choreography with BTS.

Fans noticed that Wanna One’s “Beautiful” choreography looks similar to BTS’ choreography for their song of the same name.

BTS’s “Beautiful” was released back in 2013, about 4 years since Wanna One’s release.

The particular dance move involving round footwork and hugging arms raised speculations among fans.

Wanna One “Beautiful” choreographer, Choi Young Joon, released a statement through YMC Entertainment regarding the issue.

“When I received the request to create the choreography for Wanna One’s ‘Beautiful’, I thought of a man and woman dancing together when I first heard the song.

The choreography was made with ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in mind.

We don’t know the song in question and we’ve never heard of it.

I created the moves using ballroom dancing and figure skating couples as inspiration.

When I first received the track, it was titled ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for security reasons.

That made me think of beauty and the beast’s ballroom dancing even more.”

— Choi Young Joon

However, fans did not agree with the statement and demand a further explanation about the similarities.

“It’s identical”

” Exactly the same”

“I knew the dance moves were familiar when I saw it! “

“At first, I thought it was just similar, but after reading the statement, I feel offended and demand a further explanation about the similar moves!”

— Netizens’ reaction from Instiz

There hasn’t been an updated statement as of yet, but fans wait for BTS’s choreographer to be properly accredited for the dance move.

Compare BTS and Wanna One’s similar choreography below.

Source: Instiz