Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon Mentioned BTS’s RM In A Recent Interview

BTS’s wise leader and Ha Sungwoon share the same thoughts.

Ha Sungwoon mentioned BTS‘s wise leader, RM, in a new interview with The Star.


On January 27, Ha Sungwoon performed his final concert with his former Wanna One members, and he is now continuing on as a regular member of HOTSHOT. BTS’s Jimin, a close friend of Ha Sungwoon, was spotted attending the concert to show his support.


Ha Sungwoon’s interview reportedly came out on January 28, the day after the final show. In it, he mentioned something from one of RM’s acceptance speeches that struck a chord with him.


Ha Sungwoon told The Star:

“Recently, RM sunbaenim said in an acceptance speech, ‘As an artist, we are fans of our fans’ and I completely agree with that. I’m truly a fan of our fans too. I want to look good in front of my fans.”

— Ha Sungwoon


Netizens who have read the interview are praising “Nation’s Leader” RM for his inspirational words.


Ha Sungwoon isn’t the only former Wanna One member BTS’s speeches have had an impact on. Jin’s speech at 2019 MAMA moved Park Jihoon to tears.

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