Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon Explains Why He Ate Plain Instant Rice in the Car

He was captured coming out of his car holding plain instant rice during his audition program days.

Ha Sungwoon recently appeared on SBS’s Bistro the Noble where he confessed that he used to eat plain instant rice in the car.

On the show, host Shin Dong Yup brought up Ha Sungwoon’s love for food by mentioning, “Sungwoon really likes food and considers eating a very important thing.

In response, Ha Sungwoon shared, “I’ve always eaten so much that I’m still dieting to this day. I’m dieting right now, too. I remember carrying around plain instant rice back when I was on the audition program.

The show then shared a photo of Ha Sungwoon coming out of his car carrying plain instant rice, to which Ha Sungwoon explained, “I came out after eating rice in the car. I just ate the rice without anything else to go with it.

Regarding this behavior and why he did it, Ha Sungwoon stressed that he never skips a meal, which is very important, but unfortunately a luxury for many idols in the Korean entertainment industry.

Source: Dispatch

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