Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun Was Haunted By A Blast From The Past, And Fans Are Loving It

His reaction was priceless!

Idols are often reminded of moments they would probably rather forget because they’re just plain embarrassing or make the idol incredibly shy. While there are plenty of moments like these, it looks like Wanna One‘s Hwang Minhyun is the latest victim.


A few weeks back the group performed at the 2018 BBQ X SBS Super Concert and brought down the house like they always do.


But it wasn’t until afterward when the group was leaving the stage when fans spotted something really interesting.


As Minhyun was walking along he seemed to see something in the crowd…


And had quite the reaction to it!


His shocked and incredibly shy expression immediately caught the attention of Wannables who became curious as to what exactly Minhyun had seen.


It didn’t take them long to find out as the person responsible for his reaction stepped forward and let everyone in on a little secret, they were holding up a poster with a picture of this on it!


The picture in question came from Minhyun’s solo dance stage during the group’s World Tour in Seoul.


Since then, fans can’t stop talking about his adorable reaction to the poster.

  • “He’s so cute when he’s shy!”

  • “Aww! His reaction is just so cute!”

  • “That’s why I love Minhyun so much. Seeing his own abs, he looks so shy.”

  • “Sexy, cute, and innocent.”


But with such a steamy ab picture, it isn’t hard to see why Minhyun reacted the way he did!

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