Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun Accidentally Reveals His Dangerously Sexy Abs

A certain ‘holy shirt’ made sure the fans were blessed.

When Hwang Minhyun performed with Wanna One at the “Green Concert” and he gave a sneak peak to something he didn’t quite want to reveal just yet!


Hwang Minhyun was dressed in an oversized loose white shirt and black pants. At the beginning of their performance, he had his shirt tucked deep into his pants.


However, as he continued to dance Wanna One’s vigorous choreography, his shirt became loose!


And before he even knew it, fans caught sight of his stunning washboard abs!


And it was definitely a stunning surprise!


Minhyun clearly had been working out religiously as his abs looked toned, slim, and goal-worthy!


It appears Hwang Minhyun wasn’t planning on revealing them. He continued to tuck his shirt back in at the start of every performance.


And he tried his best to keep his shirt from flying up.


But thanks to a shirt gone rogue, fans were able to get a view of his dangerously sexy abs!


Fans couldn’t help but go crazy over the surprising sneak peek!

  • “I heard Minhyun started working out but… wow”
  • “He’s so sexy he’s all that I see”
  • “Omg I like this so much my minhyun is so damn hot”
  • “thank you holy shirt”
  • “Really hope he will wear this holy shirt on world tour concert..”
  • “OMG Minhyunaa.. how many fans did you kill tonight? I caaan’t with you being like this… My noona heart can’t take this, you were being super manly , mature and different than usual! Ughhh what did you do, what should I dooo ughh”


It’s certainly a surprise as Hwang Minhyun has the cutest face with the softest smile.


But he’s got this hidden underneath that cute exterior!


Wanna One and NU’EST fans are truly blessed!


Check out the famous fancam yourself!

Source: Nate Pann and Nate Pann