This Wanna One Fanboy Cried Out For Kang Daniel, Here’s What Happened Next

Kang Daniel would do anything for his fans.

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel made one lucky fanboy’s dreams come true during a concert in Jeju.


On November 4, Wanna One was one of 19 acts to perform for a sea of adoring fans at the Jeju Hallyu Festival.


As Wanna One exited the stage, nearby fans cried out to the members, hoping to catch their attention…


…and one die-hard fanboy succeeded!


When geonhee1105 called out Kang Daniel’s name, the star bent down…


….took geonhee1105’s phone…


…and gave him a one of a kind keepsake.


This sweet self-cam!


geonhee1105 thanked Kang Daniel for the video, and later shared it on his Instagram account.


Wannabes absolutely loved this sweet interaction from the “King of Fanservice”.



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