These 16 Moments Prove No One Can Resist Wanna One’s Kang Daniel

You can try, but it’s impossible!

It’s pretty safe to say that Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel has stolen the hearts of fans with his amazing skills on stage but there’s another side that Kang Daniel loves to show and absolutely no one can resist it!


Daniel is one of the most cheerful and bubbly idols out there. He’s kind, sweet, and caring.


And although he’s a well-known homebody who loves spending time with his kitties, he’s also a huge social butterfly!


Not only do fans get the genuine feeling that Daniel is friends with all of his members…


And his bodyguard…


He’s also definitely become close with many other idols and celebs!


It doesn’t take very long at all for them to fall for his irresistible charms either. Like the time fans spotted him hanging out with BTS‘s Jin


And heard that the two had only just met!


Of course, everyone was equally as stunned when he got a hug from BTS’s Suga at the 2018 Golden Disc Awards because they’d never seen the two interact before!


And the two were spotted hugging again at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards!


He’s been spotted tidying up Zico


And also holding hands with him!


Chilling with WINNER‘s Mino at the 2017 Melon Music Awards


And melting hearts with EXO‘s Chanyeol on Master Key

Of course, he’s also become fast friends with many of the EXO members thanks to his time on It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets with Xiumin!


Actually, he had some pretty amazing interactions with everyone on Master Key!


But it’s not just members from idol groups he’s made fall for him! At the 2018 MGAs, he and Lai Kuanlin were spotted right next to Charlie Puth


Looking like they were getting on really well!


And at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards not only was he caught talking to Lee Seung Gi for a while…


The actor also tried to get him to the front of the crowd at the end of the night!


When he was successful in getting him to move forward, Daniel ended up right next to Lee Byung Hyun!


But it isn’t just celebs that have gotten to experience his heart-fluttering charms first hand.


He’s also shown them many times to fans!


With his bubbly and bright personality and social butterfly tendencies, there’s just no way that anyone can resist Kang Daniel!

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