Netizens Can’t Stop Talking About This Predebut Performance By Wanna One’s Kang Daniel

It went viral once before and now fans can’t help but watch it again.

Everyone knows that before Kang Daniel debuted with Wanna One he was working hard as a trainee and backup dancer. While he’s always had some spectacularly smooth moves, Wannables have recently been revisiting one of his most iconic predebut performances.


In 2015, former FIESTAR member Cao Lu and former SPICA member Sihyun performed an epic version of Uhm Jung Hwa‘s “Invitation” on Secret Weapon.


Their performance brought down the house and gained many views at the time, but a few years later its popularity would spike once more thanks to fans spotting a familiar figure, Kang Daniel.


Since the video was discovered, fans have recently started revisiting the iconic performance and can’t stop talking about it just because it’s so good!


Wannables can’t get over how amazing the clip is. They’ve been mentioning how, despite all of the backup dancers wearing the same all-black outfit and having half their faces covered, Kang Daniel is immediately recognizable.


And he truly is!

Yoon Jisung was also one of the dancers during this performance!


Even if Wannables weren’t able to experience his jaw-dropping visuals in full, fans have still been knocked over by his intensity.


Along with his flawless visuals that not even a mask can hide, Wannables also can’t get over his amazing talent.


Since he’s one of Wanna One’s main dancers, it’s no surprise that he had some incredibly smooth moves even back then!


Add in a whole lot of sexiness and it’s no wonder fans can’t stop talking about this iconic performance!


Check out the performance for yourself below:

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