Wanna One Members Created Matching Padded Coats As A Symbol Of Their Everlasting Friendship

There’s something special about these coats!

Wanna One members may be busy with their separate careers ever since their disbandment, but fans were pleasantly surprised to find out that the members made matching padded coats to represent their everlasting friendship!


Fans noticed that the Wanna One members were wearing similar padded coats even after their disbandment.


And from a closer look, they discovered that the members engraved their initials into the right sleeve! Each of the members had the same coat but with their own initials on it.


Kang Daniel showed off his “KD” padding at the airport.


Lai Kuanlin had “LKL” on his sleeve.


And Park Jihoon was also seen sporting their friendship coat with his initials “PJH” on it!


The coats were made by the popular brand NERDY. The coat costs nearly $400!


As these padded coats hold such a deep meaning for the members, they’ve been spotted wearing the coats on multiple occasions!


Although the members may not be with each other 24/7 anymore, their friendship will last forever!

Source: Nate Pann

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