Wanna One Members Reveal The Harsh Reality Of Korean University Life

Graduate members crushed their freshman member’s hopes and dreams!

Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon has high hopes for his college-bound 20s! But fellow members Yoon Jisung and Ong Seongwoo crushed Park Jihoon’s campus dreams by revealing what college life is all about.

On the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly, Wanna One surprised Sejong University students by raiding a classroom. After, the members were interviewed on campus about their college experiences.


Park Jihoon, who will be an entering freshman at Chung-Ang University this year, explained he is looking forward to a dreamy campus life.

“I look forward to being on campus when I go to college.” — Park Jihoon


He added, “I heard having Chinese food delivered to campus and eating it outdoors is awesome. I can’t wait to try that.”


That’s when Yoon Jisung, who already graduated from Myongji University, revealed what it’s like to be a true college student.

“Honestly though, I drank everyday when I was in college.” — Yoon Jisung


Other members agreed when Yoon Jisung asked, “Isn’t that how college is?”


Ong Seongwoo supported Yoon Jisung by adding a helpful tip to remember as a freshman.

“Don’t ever tell anyone you live alone when you go to college. If the seniors find out you live alone, they will make you come out to drink with them every single time.” — Ong Seongwoo


Park Jihoon trembled in panic as the members gave him a reality check!

“Oh boy…” — Park Jihoon


Will the wink boy survive the jungle that is college? Let’s wish him all the luck.

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