Ong Seongwoo Is Wowing Wannables With His Photography Skills

His photos of Haneul Park are magical.

Wanna One fans already know that Ong Seongwoo is a talented dancer and vocalist, but he’s also becoming a skilled photographer.


On December 9, Ong Seongwoo uploaded a series of atmospheric landscape photos to Wanna One’s fancafe, along with a sweet message for Wannables.


The photos are believed to have been taken at Seoul’s Haneul Park.


The park is especially popular during the autumn months, when its colours are their most vibrant.


Ong Seongwoo’s photos show a different side of the park that is just as magical.


This idol photographer captures Haneul Park’s mesmerizing winter beauty…


…peaceful visiters…


…and a stunning sunset.


The photos’ accompanying message matches the feelings expressed in his photos.

“WITH YOU / Want to see the same sky /Want to see the same sunset / Want to see the same world / Forever” 


Wannables are impressed with Ong Seongwoo’s growing photography skills…

  • Seongwoo’s pictures and posts are always light-hearted and warm. I can feel his sincerity. So every time I look at them, I get touched. ㅠㅠ
  • Our Ong is a professional nowㅋㅋㅋ Every time I see his pictures, they look so nice and they make my heart flutter… today was so cold but my body and heart feel so warm


…and are hoping he will share more photos with them soon!

Wanna One