These Photos Will Convince You Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo Needs To Star In A Drama ASAP

We need this right now!

Everyone knows that Wanna One‘s Ong Seongwoo has major talent when it comes to the stage. He’s dazzled us with his performances as a member of Wanna One and his MC skills on Music Core were no joke.


So it shouldn’t be surprising that a number of fans are convinced that his talents and visuals are perfect for a starring role in a drama.


A few months back someone edited a few photos that gave everyone a glimpse into what Seongwoo would look like if he was cast in a medical drama, among others.


These pictures soon took off and further convinced Wannables that Ong Seongwoo could easily take on one of these roles!


But things have just gotten better because some new edits have surfaced and this time they put him front and center of a whole bunch of already existing dramas.


Now fans and the rest of the world can see what it would be like if he did take on these roles!

Ong Seonwoo edited onto Lee Joon Ki’s Cosmopolitan magazine photo.


From the handsome image of Seongwoo as the crown prince in Moon Embracing the Sun


To starring in the action-packed thriller Duel


And even taking a peek at what he would look like in the Taiwanese hit You Are The Apple Of My Eye, these photos are blowing everyone’s mind because they’re so great!


But it isn’t just movie type posters that have melted hearts. Someone also edited Seongwoo to be Heo Joon Jae from Legend of the Blue Sea


Kim Byung Yeon from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


And Lestat from “Interview with a Vampire”.


If all of those photos haven’t already convinced everyone that he definitely needs to be put in a drama, how about this photo of Seongwoo as a pilot…


Or a racer!


Because fans are convinced that Seongwoo could probably take on any role in the whole world and totally rock it!


Actually, we all know that he would rock it!


While he hasn’t actually been cast for anything yet, he did make a surprise guest appearance on the web drama Idol Fever.


So seeing Seongwoo in a drama could very well happen.


Which is what everyone is secretly hoping because we all know it would be fantastic!

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