Park Jihoon and Hwang Minhyun Reunited At KCON Japan And It’s Making Wannables Ugly Cry

They’re still bros!

Former Wanna One members Park Jihoon and Hwang Minhyun have moved on to promoting on their own after the project group disbanded in December of 2018, but their brotherhood has stayed strong regardless. The two were reunited at KCON Japan and their sweet little interaction is making both Wanna One, NU’EST, and Park Jihoon’s fans ugly cry in joy!


At the recent KCON event in Japan, Hwang Minhyun, who is now a part of his original group NU’EST, was spotted on stage gesturing to someone to come say hi. And that someone turned out to be…


… his former teammate and solo artist Park Jihoon who was also at the concert to perform! Park Jihoon ran over to Hwang Minhyun and gave him the biggest hug. The two take in their reunion for a while – Hwang Minhyun even gave Park Jihoon a pat on the butt, like real family.


Park Jihoon is then spotted saying hello to Hwang Minhyun’s NU’EST teammates. NU’EST members also greeted Park Jihoon with the warmest smiles on their faces – then proceeded to bring him along off stage.


The up close pictures of their reunion really capture the heartwarming ambiance of the moment. Fans cannot help but cry over how beautiful this little interaction is!


Check out the full clip in the tweet below:

Source: THEQOO