Even Antis Are Falling For Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung Because Of These Photos

“He looks so charming!”

During the filming for Produce 101, Wanna One‘s Yoon Jisung made his Instagram account private after receiving a number of malicious comments.


But now those commenters are probably kicking themselves because photos from his SNS have been making a reappearance online and even anti-fans are having a hard time not falling for him!


It’s hard not to when you see selcas like this one!


Or this!


Many of the photos of Jisung are even before his Produce 101 days…


And everyone is convinced he was an ulzzang even if nobody knew it…


Because his pictures are just so flawless!


Since the reemergence of the pictures, fans are desperately hoping that his Instagram will be open to the public once more in the future!


And they aren’t the only ones!


Even people who don’t identify themselves as fans have been absolutely loving the pictures of Jisung.


They just can’t get over how handsome and photogenic he is!

  • “Most of the entertainers who debut and getting better and better looking as time goes on, but Jisung was already this good-looking before debut!”

  • I’m not his fan but his pictures are so my style. I really like the way they’re taken. He looks so good!”

  • “Why didn’t I know about him sooner? He’s a totally hot guy…”

  • “How does he do that with his proportions? I want to know!”

  • “Ugh, I love his pre-debut aesthetic Instagram feed. He looks so charming!”


It’s impossible to say if Jisung will ever make his Insta open to the public again…


But at least we have these pictures that have even made antis fall in love with him!

Source: The Qoo

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