Where Is He Now? The Idol Almost Harassed Into Leaving His Group For Being “Too Old”

Other idols have gone on to debut at ages older than his.

With K-Pop groups, one of the most discussed topics is age. Normally, these conversations are about how young idols are when they debut, like the case of NewJeans.

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Less frequently, older idols have attention placed on their age but are usually praised for it. Many fans have admitted to wanting more idols over the age of 25 to debut, as they have already had a chance to live their lives.

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Unfortunately, his age proved detrimental for one survival show contestant, almost driving him to leave his group after he debuted.

In 2017, the highly anticipated sequel to Produce 101 introduced viewers to a host of talented male trainees who would compete for a chance to debut.

One of the standout competitors was Yoon Jisung, a trainee under MMO who had missed out on debut thrice. Due to his long training period of five years, his talent was apparent, which led him to place eighth overall and debut as a member of Wanna One.

Yoon Jisung
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While things should have been smooth sailing, Jisung later admitted that the hate comments he received during his time in Wanna One affected him greatly.

Of all the things he was picked on about, his age, 26, was what netizens seemed to hate the most and fueled the comments about his other features.

  • To: Wanna One Album Production Team
    Subject: Please minimize Wanna One leader Yoon Jisung’s performances and line distributions
    Body: [Request] 1. For the remainder of Wanna One’s promotion together, please minimize Yoon Jisung’s involvement in the performances and his line distributions.
    2. Please provide appropriate feedback to Yoon Jisung regarding his choreography controversy and have him re-learn the performances as needed.
  • It’s not that we’re against people doing whatever they want at 27 years old. We’re just against [Yoon Jisung] trying to act like he could be an idol at that age.
  • I hope Yoon Jisung takes the hint and quits the group on his own terms.
  • The least he could do is be the right age to be an idol. But he couldn’t even do that.
  • PDs are playing favorites with Yoon Jisung. Explain yourself.

The harassment grew so much that at one point, Jisung asked the CEO to remove him from the group.  Thankfully, the CEO persuaded him to remain in the group, where he was active until Wanna One’s disbandment in 2019.

After this, Jisung appeared in the musical The Days and released his very first solo album, Aside, embarking on a solo fan meeting tour across several cities in Asia.

Jisung began his mandatory enlistment the same year and was released in November 2020.

Since then, the star has released two more mini-albums and appeared as a cast member on the TV program My House Sangjeon. He also made his K-Drama debut in Let Me Be Your Knight, playing a band member of the main character’s group.

Now 32 years old, Jisung is still active, recently appearing in an audio drama alongside actress Yoo In Na and Chuu.

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It’s great to see Jisung still active and thriving!