Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung Stresses the Importance of “Healthy Dating” to His Female Fans

Jisung offered some sincere dating advice to his young fans.

Recently, footage of Yoon Jisung explaining his new album, “Dear Diary” has become a hot topic of conversation in online communities due to the sincere dating advice he offered his fans.

On this day, Yoon Jisung asked his fans, “Isn’t the weather absolutely beautiful these days?” And when they didn’t answer, he asked, “Are you all dating these days?” which caused a stir of laughter in the hall.

Yoon Ji Sung then opened up about his own experience and shared, “Back when I was in college, I made a movie about dating. I hope that when you find someone you like and start dating, you get into healthy relationships.”

Yoon Ji Sung also explained, “It’d be nice if two people fit together perfectly like socks, but I feel like dating’s more similar to a person trying on shoes for the first time and feeling that it doesn’t fit quite right.

In what sounded like sincere words of advice to his young female fans, he added, “I hope that when you date, it becomes a memory that you can look back on without feeling pain, a healthy relationship that makes you like yourself when you’re in love and one that includes mistakes that you can reflect on to benefit your next relationship.

Source: Dispatch

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