Wanna One’s Jihoon Commented On BTS V’s Face… And V Responded

V couldn’t stay silent about it.

Wanna One’s Park Jihoon named BTS’s V as his role model, and V has a response for him.

On Happy Together 3, Park Jihoon revealed that he admires how V has the best stage expressions.

V had a short but loving response to Park Jihoon.

“I want to say that I’m very grateful.”

— V

Although he’s honored to be named a junior’s role model, he wanted everyone to know that he is still continuing to improve as an artist.

“I want to widen my spectrum and show a variety of myself.

My personal preference is soul and jazz, so I’m trying to see how well I can incorporate my personal colors into BTS’s album.”

— V

Ultimately, V hopes to become renown in the Jazz and R&B genres of K-Pop.

“I want to become a Jazzy, R&B vocalist.”

— V

With all that he’s accomplished so far, no one can doubt that V will make his dreams come true!

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Source: Osen
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