WANNA ONE’s Jihoon Has Found His Visual Rival And It’s Not Who You’d Expect

WANNA ONE’s Jihoon has been called one of the most good-looking male idols around today, but he’s already got a rival and it’s not somebody anyone expected.

His newfound visual rival is Noh Yoo Min from NRG, an idol who got famous for his charming looks back in the ’90s.

During Produce 101, Jihoon was asked to name the celebrity that he thinks he looks like, and he named Noh Yoo Min himself.

Until recently, this would have been a strange statement as Noh Yoo Min had let himself go a little, reaching almost 100kg.

He trained hard recently, however, and returned to his former glory for NRG’s 20th-anniversary comeback.

Although Noh Yoo Min is now 38 years old, his charming appearance continues to compete with some of the best-looking younger idols.

Amazingly, the visual rivals met at a recent concert in Pyeongchang where Noh Yoo Min said he was happy to meet his look-alike and hopes to perform with him in the future.

Viewers were surprised to see their similar and amazing visuals next to one another on stage and cannot wait for the day to see them perform together!

Source: Insight