Wanna One’s Jisung Used To Live In A Tiny Fly-Infested One-Bedroom

In a recent episode of Happy Together, Wanna One’s Jisung shared the story of his struggles as a trainee.

He revealed he used to live in goshiwon, a tiny, temporary room available for students to rent while preparing for state bar exams (goshi).

Image Source: Korea Exposé

Jisung’s room was unfortunately right next to the community kitchen, which was always invaded by fruit flies in the summer.

As soon as the flies came into the goshiwon, they would mate and lay eggs all around the goshiwon, making things worse.

“They’re extremely fast and they lay eggs super quickly, they grow up super quickly, they start flying super quickly, and then they die super quickly.”

— Wanna One’s Jisung

In fact, Jisung even claimed he saw the flies mating and laying eggs right in front of him, so he sent a video of it to his mom.

The hosts grew curious about his living situation in the goshiwon, so they asked him if they provided him with the basic necessities, like heating and cooling.

Jisung explained that the goshiwon had a central heating system, but one time it broke during the coldest time in winter.

One night, he couldn’t sleep because he almost froze to death, but he realized the goshiwon still had running hot water.

To keep warm for the rest of the night, Jisung said he had no choice but to turn the hot water on and sleep in the shower.

What a long way he’s come! Check out the full segment below.