WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel Explains How You Can Make Him Fall In Love With You

This will work on him 100% of the time.

Attention ladies! WANNA ONE‘s Kang Daniel has revealed his unique ideal type of woman that you must check out!

He is known for his charisma onstage, but WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel is charming in a completely different way offstage. His sweet smile and trademark good guy image helped him to become one of the hottest icons in K-Pop industry in such a short period of time.

During the premiere of MBC’s Living Together in Empty Room, WANNA ONE‘s Kang Daniel confirmed that he could completely fall in love with a woman who can squish a bug for him.

It’s been revealed many times that Kang Daniel is terrified of insects.

“What I hate the most in this world are bugs. To start, I really hate anything that has more legs than me. I fall for people who catch bugs for me”

— WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel

He chooses the insect terminating skills over anything else when he considers a woman he wants to date.

What Kind of Women are you attracted to?

1. a girl who dances

2. a girl who kickboards

3. a girl who plays League of Legends

4. a girl who swims

   (Check)5. a girl who is not afraid of a haunted mansion

(Check)6. a girl who is not afraid of bugs 

There we go, it is that easy to win Kang Daniel’s heart! Wait. Do you need a degree to become an insect exterminator?

Source: MBN and JTBC News