Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Revealed His Worries And Received Some Very Wise Words

“Let’s just live!”

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel has one of the brightest smiles around and he always seems so lively and cheerful that sometimes it can be hard to remember that he can get hurt too. So when he let it all out on an episode of Weekend Instruction Manual, one of his biggest fans decided to give him a very good piece of advice.


A few weeks back when it was announced that Kang Daniel would be guest starring on the show alongside self-confessed Wanna One fan Ra Mi Ran, the actress actually admitted she didn’t want him to come. Not because she didn’t want to see him, but because she wanted him to be able to take a rest.

“I hope he doesn’t come because I want him to rest when he can.”

— Ra Mi Ran


But Kang Daniel didn’t stay home to rest and decided to give her a surprise. In return, she actually gave him a huge surprise instead! Shortly after Daniel confessed that he wanted to be a better person, Ra Mi Ran had a few things to say about the pressure of being at the top.

“You achieved success at a young age so I think it might be more difficult for you. Since you’re doing so well now, you might be scared about the future. It’s more difficult to stay on top rather than get to the top.”

— Ra Mi Ran


Daniel then admitted that he has felt a bit scared for the future and even confessed that he can’t sleep when the views on Wanna One’s music videos drop.

“I do sometimes feel like that. If the views for our MVs drop even a little bit, I can’t sleep for 3 weeks.”

— Kang Daniel


He went on to tell Ra Mi Ran about the pressure he’s felt since his debut and how he started to think that he was lacking in some way.

“To be honest, so many people showed interest in me at the beginning and I debuted with a lot of attention on me. Our debut album did so well. It was really nice back then because we did so well and I got to experience many new things. No matter how tired I was, they were all things I was doing for the very first time. But as time passed, the weight started to pile up and I felt like I was lacking. In the end, I just started to blame myself.”

— Kang Daniel

But Ra Mi Ran wasn’t having any of it. After telling him that she wished he wouldn’t put so much stress on himself, she gave him some of the sweetest advice ever.

“I really wish you wouldn’t do that. This is what I wanted to tell you earlier when I said, ‘Just live freely,’ I think that a time will come that might be hard to endure. You said that you’ll do better and that you’ll become a better person, but I hope you won’t think that way. Thinking that way puts extra weight and stress on yourself.  You don’t need to be a better person. You can just live as the person that you are.”

— Ra Mi Ran


She added that he should be enjoying his time and experiences right now!

“If you think about it, this time won’t come back. This age, this type of atmosphere, this experience. You should enjoy it fully and make the most out of your youth.”

— Ra Mi Ran

And right before digging into their meal, she had one more thing to tell him.

“Let’s make it our goal to just live happily and well. Let’s just live!”

— Ra Mi Ran


The kind and sweet words are the kind of advice that we all need to hear and netizens have been praising her for saying them to Daniel. Hopefully, he will take them to heart and the next time we see his smiling face we can rest easy knowing he’s simply enjoying his life!

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