Wanna One’s Minhyun Has The Strangest Ideal Type Among Idols

Minhyun’s past statements about his ideal type got resurfaced, and one of them is quite unique.

After debuting with NU’EST in 2012, Minhyun revealed that his ideal type was someone who could cook well and has an interest in fashion.

In 2013, changed his ideal type to someone with short hair, which disappointed many fans who had long hair.

However, he surprised everyone by making his ideal type more broad by changing it to “anyone who has hair.”

Whenever he repeated it during an interview, the other NU’EST members would always burst out laughing at his peculiar but thoughtful ideal type.

Minhyun’s most recent statement about his ideal type was made last year when he said that he would like someone who could match well with him and accept his flaws.