Wanna One’s Seongwoo Reveals That He Tried To Erase His Predebut Photos

In a recent episode of Happy Together, Wanna One’s Seongwoo revealed he was once a fitting model for various companies.

Image Source: Pann

He modeled in multiple areas, ranging from online shopping malls…

Image Source: Banga Ong Seongwoo

…wedding photoshoots…

Image Source: Dispatch

…and even hairstyling!

Image Source: The Qoo

While he still looks as gorgeous as ever in his pre-debut modeling photos, he says he’s completely embarrassed by them.

In an effort to stop them from spreading, he Googled his name to look for any sites that may have had them.

Unfortunately, once a photo spreads online, it’s almost impossible to erase it completely, and now his modeling photos are everywhere!

We’re sure nobody minds looking at them again, though!

Image Source: The Qoo