Want A 2NE1 Reunion? Here’s What Dara And CL Had To Say

Both of them shared the same point of view.

Following the success of After School‘s long-awaited reunion on MMTG, Jae Jae spoke up for fans once again when asking if a 2NE1 reunion could happen as well.

| YG Entertainment

An MMTG staff member and Jae Jae asked if they’ll see 2NE1 on stage together again. Dara answered wisely, “It seems that [will happen] when the time comes.

When Jae Jae mentioned her wish for it to happen soon, especially during the upcoming Christmas season, Dara agreed. She happily said, “Yeah, I hope so.

Dara knew that it’s something many people have been looking forward to, including herself. She wasn’t the only one ready to make it happen, either.

I think everyone wants it too, right? Blackjacks too…

— Dara

At the mention of 2NE1’s debut song “FIRE” that’s become popular once more, Jae Jae asked if it were possible for them to perform it again for a special airing. CL said, “If the members are open to it, I’m also open.

In fact, CL voiced how enjoyable it would be. She added, “It’s great if I can do it with the members.

From CL and Dara’s positive reactions to the idea, they may be the next old school group to treat fans to a reunion. Check out their responses to the possibility.