Want to Know More About TWICE’s Nayeon, Mina, And Tzuyu’s Personalities? Just Look At The Pizzas They Made!

Who knew pizzas could reveal so much?

In a series of TDOONG Forest episodes from their variety show, Time to TwiceTWICE is shown spending time together at a house in the country to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life.

While the series of TDOONG Forest episodes has shown us plenty of chaotic moments, it also gave us a chance to get a closer look at the members’ personalities!

In TDOONG Forest Ep. 02NayeonMina, and Tzuyu made tortilla pizzas, and the way they arranged their toppings totally aligns with their MBTI types.

Nayeon spread her toppings all over the pizza and did not arrange them in a particular sort of way. Instead, she added toppings wherever she liked.

Nayeon is an ISTP-A. ISTP-As are known for their enigmatic personalities, creativity, and love of exploration. They value freedom and love doing things their own way, and they are friendly and spontaneous.

By arranging her toppings however she wanted to at the moment, Nayeon showed she’s a true ISTP-A and that she values thinking outside the box!

| kdongyoung/Tumblr

Mina carefully chopped the ham she was going to put on her pizza before adding it on as a topping. In contrast to Nayeon’s spontaneous arrangement, Mina planned how she wanted to add her toppings and prepared to arrange them on the pizza ahead of time.

Mina is an ISFP-T. People with this personality type are described as true artists. They value aesthetics and harmony.

While ISFP-Ts can be just as spontaneous as ISTP-As, their love of aesthetics can lead some of them to think more carefully before creating.

By preparing her toppings before adding them to the pizza, Mina showed that she values aesthetics like a true ISFP-T!

| anon/Tumblr

Tzuyu’s approach fell somewhere in between those of Mina and Nayeon. While her toppings were arranged in more of a pattern than Nayeon’s toppings were, she seemed to spend less time preparing to make her pizza than Mina did.

Tzuyu is an ISFP-A, so her MBTI type is extremely close to Mina’s. While ISFP-As share a love of aesthetics and harmony with ISFP-Ts, they tend to be more spontaneous.

By finishing her pizza making while Mina was still cutting toppings and spreading her toppings more evenly than Nayeon did, Tzuyu showed that she values spontaneity just as much as aesthetics and harmony!

| tvv1ce/Tumblr

Check out the full second episode of TDOONG Forest below!





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