Watch EXID transform into a group of bubbly teenage girls

EXID is known for their sexy look on stage, but these girls showed a completely different side in a special for LE‘s birthday.

Earlier this month, the girls celebrated by filming a fun cooking special with leader LE’s favorite foods. While they were in the kitchen fixing a meal, Hani and Hyerin recited an adorable acrostic poem using LE’s birth name, Ahn Hyojin.

Their first attempt at a poem failed to get a reaction from the other members. However, Hyerin tried a different poem, and this time the other girls burst out laughing at her sudden cute attack! Junghwa and Solji‘s reactions are priceless, they just couldn’t handle her hilarious aegyo.

As the maknae, Junghwa also teased LE about her age and playfully reminded her that she’s almost 30! She dodged all of LE and Solji’s attempts to make her stop and giggled until the very end.

Watch all the cute moments from LE’s birthday cooking special here:

Although they have their seductive idol personas, EXID still loves to have fun and laugh with their best friends.