Watch This Man Propose To His Girlfriend While Dancing To K-Pop

In a heartwarming gesture, a man gave his girlfriend the K-pop proposal of her dreams.

Twitter user Homanwoon, who is known to be an avid GOT7 fan, shared a special moment with her followers that made many hearts swell.

In the short video uploaded, Homanwoon can be seen sitting down in a restaurant as GOT7’s song “Just Right” begins to play. Thinking it was a birthday surprise Homanwoon can be seen happily cheering along to the song as her boyfriend performs the choreography of the song. However, once the song ends, she receives the surprise of her life as her boyfriends gets down on one knee to propose to her.

The moment is made even sweeter given the nature of GOT7’s song as it’s centered on the concept of unconditional love despite the “flaws” one may have. This message of love is fully carried throughout the proposal as Homanwoon’s boyfriend can be seen specifically dancing to Youngjae‘s part of the song where he describes how perfect the girl is to him regardless of what she thinks of herself.

“No matter how hard I try to find
And look at you again and again
That unpretty spot you keep talking about
I can’t see it at all”

– Youngjae, GOT7


We wish the best to the newly engaged couple.