WATCH Nayeon Perform “GASHINA” In Two Completely Different Ways

She’s like a completely different person!

Netizens have been going crazy over Nayeon‘s two drastically different performances of Sunmi‘s “GASHINA”.


Last time TWICE was on Weekly Idol all of the girls tried dancing to the song.


But Nayeon’s super cute version stole the show!


She couldn’t help but smile and laugh while she was doing the choreography.


And her best plan of attack for the song was to throw in some extra aegyo!


Now, netizens are amazed by how much she’s changed and think she looks like a completely different person!


She, along with a couple more of her fellow members, performed the iconic song at Music Bank in Chile.


Her sexy moves are in stark contrast to her cute ones on Weekly Idol!


When Nayeon smiles she becomes adorable but then she goes right back to sexy!


Netizens are in total shock!

  • “Nayeon is originally good at dancing. I think she was shy at the time.”

  • “She’s the best!”

  • “Nayeon is really good at dancing!”

  • “She said she can’t do that. She must have worked really hard!”

  • “She must have practiced a lot.”

  • “Wow! She’s so cool!”


And is it any surprise with moves like this?


Check out her adorable performance and her sexy version below!



Source: Instiz