Watch How Real Netizens React To TWICE “Knock Knock” MV

TWICE released their awesome music video for their song “Knock Knock” not too long ago and Koreaboo wanted to see what REAL NETIZENS thought about it.

“Knock Knock” has been breaking records left and right, but has also been marred by receiving the most dislikes among recently released videos as well. To see what real Korean citizens about the music video, Koreaboo took to the streets and interviewed random people think when they watch it.

Koreaboo’s new series of videos will bring the opinions of what real Korean citizens think about a variety of content ranging from new song releases, music videos, news articles, comments seen online and more.

REAL NETIZENS aims to show how online comments made by “Netizens” are often not the true feelings or thoughts of Koreans.