Watch TWICE Members Attempt Dancing To “Knock Knock” Double Time

These members of TWICE took a chance at dancing to their song, “Knock Knock” at twice the speed!

The members of TWICE, except Jihyo and Chaeyoung, made an appearance on Lee Hongki‘s Kiss the Radio on February 27th to promote their latest comeback “Knock Knock.”

During one of the corners of the show, the members split into two teams. JungyeonDahyunMomo, and Mina were part of the ‘Knock Knock’ team while TzuyuNayeon, and Sana were part of the ‘TT’ team. They were given 60 seconds to answer questions the other team gave. As a result, the ‘Knock Knock’ team failed to complete their mission. As punishment, the four members attempted to dance to their song at twice the speed.

Although the formation seemed to have fallen apart during some parts of the song, the members quickly regained their stance and continued without a flaw. Even when the music got cut off in the middle, the members did not falter. In the end, all four members succeeded!

Check out the video below!

Source: Dispatch