Watch TWICE Mina Flip Her Hair And Try Not To Fall In Love

Many have fallen under the spell of Mina‘s deadly charms. Her mastery of both sexy and cute concepts have proven that the members of TWICE are indeed capable of delivering top-notch visuals.

ONCE’s can attest that TWICE’s Black Swan is the epitome of elegance. Living up to her name, Mina graces us once again with her captivating beauty. Today’s collection features Mina’s stunning hair flips.

We guarantee that you will fall in love with Mina by the end of this list. Enjoy!

We begin this list with a segment from TWICE’s hit song “Cheer Up.” The scene opens to reveal a lone woman with her back turned. Time stood still as the camera zoomed in to reveal Mina’s breath-taking beauty. It was at this iconic moment that we fell in love with Mina.

Being sexy is no challenge at all for Mina. In a candid shot, Mina effortlessly flips her hair as she walks forward. Nosebleed incoming.

TWICE also appeared in a CF for mobile MMORPG Lost Tale. Watch as Mina throws off her glasses and unties her hair. Breathtaking.

Sixteen‘s introduction of Mina showed off her sexy and impressive dancing talent.

After an incredible ballet performance, Mina finished her dance break with a ravishing hair flip.

In an episode of TWICE’s Elegant Private Life, Mina, Momo, Nayeon, and Sana performed Adult Ceremony. 

Bravo to the ladies of TWICE for a spectacular performance!

Learn how to dance “Like Ooh Ahh” with TWICE’s “Let’s Dance” tutorial!

In her performance of “Drunk in Love”, Mina delivers hair flip after hair flip. Her brilliant performance will surely leave you wanting more.

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