The Way BTS’s Jungkook Splashes Water On Jimin Versus Everyone Else Is Too Soft

He took special care of his hyung.

BTS‘s Jungkook loves all his members, but there’s a major difference in how he treats them in one particular situation.

While they’re performing on stage, it can get pretty hot. So, they splash water on themselves or others to cool down.

When Jungkook splashes water on Jimin, he uses just a little bit to splash on his shirt. But, things go very differently when he splashes anyone but Jimin.

When it was Jin‘s turn to get splashed, Jungkook took the water and surprised him with a sudden stream of it right into his face. Jin was so taken aback by the surprise attack that he had to take a few moments to gather himself.

But, Jin definitely got his revenge for the attack here.

The difference between the way he treats them is too funny, especially when placed side by side for comparison. It’s safe to say Jungkook definitely has a soft spot for his hyung Jimin.