WayV’s Choreographer Reveals The Unexpected Side Of Xiaojun

He liked Xiaojun even more after seeing it.

Choreographer Ryu.D has worked with the members of NCT since they were trainees and WayV following their debut. In an interview with Sunmi‘s backup dancer Cha Hyun Seung, he revealed the side of Xiaojun he hadn’t been expecting.

| 威神V_肖俊_XIAOJUN/Weibo

Since first impressions can be misleading, Cha Hyun Seung asked if there was a member who had an unexpected side to them. Out of all twenty-three members, Ryu.D had one that stuck out. “I think the one who had an unexpected side was Xiaojun.

| ChahyunSeung차현승TV/YouTube

Ryu.D began by praising Xiaojun for being a dancer he was extremely proud of. “He’s my beloved student, and he’s been praised a lot during the ‘Make A Wish (Birthday Song)’ era.

He then mentioned the side that everyone typically sees of Xiaojun, “He’s sexy, and he can dance.

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Despite being charismatic on stage, Ryu.D revealed that Xiaojun had a charming side where he was far less graceful. “He has that kind of image, right? But, sometimes he’s clumsy.

Ryu.D smiled as he shared, “He has a cute side.” Even Cha Hyun Seung couldn’t help but smile at finding out Xiaojun’s charming habit.

| ChahyunSeung차현승TV/YouTube

Who doesn’t love an idol who can go from powerful onstage to a soft cinnamon roll offstage? Check out the side of Xiaojun that’ll make you want to stan—if you aren’t already.