WayV Clowned Ten’s Shoes, And Everyone Could Relate

It gave everyone flashbacks 😂

Since the WayV members never pass up a chance to be funny, they didn’t hesitate to poke some good-hearted fun at Ten‘s footwear.

Kun, Hendery, Yangyang, and Xiaojun. | @WayV_official/Twitter

When the members were outside recording, they noticed one of them looked a bit different than the rest. While everyone else was wearing white sneakers, Ten was the only one who wore black flip-flops.

After they put the spotlight on him, Ten adorably tried to walk away and keep his flip-flops from being seen. His shyness made all of them laugh harder.

The members were playfully roasting his footwear so much that Ten bent down and hid them from view. Even he couldn’t resist smiling at their jokes.

Because WayV is such a close family, no one can escape from their jokes. After all, are you really friends if you can’t clown each other?

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Check out the funny moment that had fans relating to being clowned by their own families for wearing flip-flops too.