WayV Exposes The Member Who Spends The Most Money

Kun and Lucas were ready to roast them.

WayV knows one another better than anyone else from all the years they’ve spent together. When it came to answering rapid-fire questions about each other’s habits, they were ready to expose some fun facts.

One of them was which member keeps a tight hold on their precious dollars than anyone else. Funnily enough, that led to exposing who didn’t hold back when it came to spending money.

At the mention of who was the most frugal with their money, everyone agreed on who that member was. As if they’d all planned it, every member pointed their fingers at Ten, turning their bodies to look right at him. He couldn’t believe they chose him, appearing taken aback.

All of them had a particular reason why Ten was the most thrifty among them. Kun, Hendery, and Lucas all repeated the same explanation: “He saves whatever he can save / Saves whatever can be saved.

Kun emphasized that Ten only spent the money that was absolutely necessary, “[He] never spends a single extra cent.” Lucas and Hendery once again agreed, Winwin chiming in as well, “Honestly, he saves a lot.” Lucas then exposed another side of Ten.

While Ten was the member who spent the least money, he also turned out to be the member who spent the most. Lucas revealed, “When buying things, he buys whatever is most expensive.” Ten couldn’t deny it, smiling at being exposed so thoroughly.

There was logic behind Ten’s luxurious spending. He didn’t want to waste money on anything that wasn’t quality. Kun broke down his criteria, “If he buys something, it has to be the best, or else he doesn’t buy it.

Although being the group’s most thrifty yet biggest spender may seem like a contradiction, it makes sense. If Ten only wants to spend money on what’s necessary, he’ll want to purchase something that will last—even if it costs more than average. In a sense, he’s saving money with one big purchase versus purchasing the same item over and over again if it’s low quality.

He may be onto something. Watch WayV expose Ten for being the most thrifty member but also the one who’s a big spender here.


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