WayV Got Stuck In An Elevator And Recorded The Whole Thing

They went from normal to crazy rather quickly.

Getting stuck in an elevator rarely happens and sounds more like something out of a television show. At least, that’s what WayV might’ve thought before it happened to them.


When all seven of them were in an elevator, they ended up stuck there. Funnily enough, they got the whole thing on camera. Their different reactions to the unexpected situation were absolutely priceless.

Winwin‘s first instinct was how many people would react. He looked straight at the camera and called for help, while Hendery smiled in amusement at his urgency. Lucas had his own ideas.

Lucas didn’t panic at all and instead decided to document who they were and what year it was, forgetting the day and month altogether, “Hello, we’re WayV. Today is 2020.” Yangyang continued their impromptu recording by explaining they were stuck in an elevator.

The situation then took a hilarious turn when Ten upped the stakes by saying, “There’s a monster outside.” Xiaojun couldn’t let the opportunity pass, flipping the tables by calling themselves monster hunters. It was so wild all Lucas could do was laugh.

As quick as it began, their elevator adventure was coming to a close. Ten said he’d heard a sound, making someone joke that it was a monster. That’s when Lucas noticed the doors were finally opening.

Winwin was thankful they were no longer trapped. To make sure it would stay that way, Ten urged everyone to step out of the elevator as fast as possible.

WayV getting stuck in an elevator is just as chaotic and hilarious as you’d expect it to be. Watch the brief but amusing incident that had them all going just a little crazy.