WayV Gains Love For Caring Way They Helped An Elderly Woman

Yangyang talked about it on the radio show “Akdong Seoul.”

On the radio show Akdong Seoul, the NCT members always share interesting behind-the-scenes moments. When WayV‘s Kun hosted, Yangyang mentioned a heartwarming incident between the group and an elderly woman.

Yangyang | Weibo

One day, the members did what they usually did and took a trip outside their dorm. While they were walking on the street, they noticed an elderly woman working outside in the cold weather.

Winwin, Kun, and Xiaojun.

The elderly woman was selling a spread of candy, said to be dalgona candy. Naturally, the members were worried about her working in such cold weather and quickly came up with an idea to benefit everyone.

To keep the elderly woman from working in the cold any longer than she needed to, WayV decided to buy every single piece of candy she was selling. Hearing about the thoughtful way they treated the woman melted fans’ hearts. The reason behind their quick thinking also touched WayZenNis.

Hendery, Kun, Yangyang, and Xiaojun. | @WayV_official/Twitter

Rather than pity the elderly woman for having to push herself to work in the cold, the members admired her for working so hard and not letting the elements stop her.

The WayV members are not only kind but also respectful of others.

Yangyang and Ten. | @yangyang_x2/Instagram