WayV’s Hendery And Lucas Makes Sure Their Fans Do Well In School

Who will you follow?

WayV‘s Lucas often keeps in touch with his fans through his regular Instagram lives.

Sometimes, he shows himself and his members eating, sometimes playing with his members in the practice room, and sometimes in the car when he’s on the way somewhere.

While on one of his more recent broadcasts held last November 30, he was wishing his fans a happy weekend and that they should do something. However, he couldn’t quite think of what that “something” is that they should do.

Hendery was more than happy to help Lucas and finish the sentence for him! He finished the sentence by saying “You should do the homework.”

Lucas enthusiastically joined in and reminded their fans of the homework they need to finish before classes resume on Monday!

Ten, on the other hand, disagreed, and reminded their fans that they should party instead because as he said, “Saturday is party day!”

Well, no one’s wrong. Saturday is meant to be enjoyed, but students shouldn’t forget their responsibilities as well! Which advice will you take?