WayV Hendery’s Sister Threw Shade At The “MAMA’s,” And EXO-Ls Were All For It

Her inner EXO-L jumped out.

WayV‘s Hendery has three older sisters who always show their support for him and his group. To keep that energy for WayV’s first appearance at the MAMA‘s, one of them uploaded to her Instagram story to cheer them on.


On top of supporting her brother, she managed to throw shade at the awards show that had EXO fans laughing and in full support of her.

She uploaded a photo of watching WayV at the awards show with the caption, “Wow… WayV fighting!” At the bottom of the photo, in smaller print, she added, “Haven’t watched MAMA ever since 2017…” EXO-Ls saw the shade from a mile away.

The last time EXO had attended the MAMA‘s was in 2017, which Hendery’s sister couldn’t help but refer to. If that didn’t prove how much of an EXO-L she was, she then uploaded a photo of their 2014 stage with the caption, “Still needa say: EXO is always the LEGEND.”

Fellow EXO-Ls were completely behind her. She even piqued some of their interest in finding out more about WayV.

Hendery’s sister wasn’t wrong about one thing: EXO are definitely legends in their own right. What did you think of her tasteful shade-throwing?